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Rental Information - Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I rent an apartment from Morris Management?

To rent an apartment from Morris Management four things are required.


  1. A completed and signed application with all addresses (including zip codes) and phones numbers (with area codes) provided, a valid government issued ID, social security number, employment and banking information.
  2. Applicant must pay a $25.00 application fee that is non-refundable and must be paid by credit card or money order at time of application.
  3. A security deposit and a $30 key deposit.
  4. Upon approval, applicant and Landlord will execute the Lease Agreement.


How does Morris Management determine what my security deposit will be?

Morris Management will run a credit report, verify your employment, check your references and analyze your income.  Based on these factors we will determine how much your security deposit will be.  The majority of residents will pay a security deposit equal to one months rent.


Is there snow removal?

Absolutely. All properties are plowed and shoveled on a regular basis during the winter season. While in most instances snow is removed by the time our residents have to leave for work in the morning, exceptions can arise in instances of significant snowfall.


How quickly are maintenance work orders addressed?

If a work order is called in during normal business hours (Monday - Friday,  9:00-5:00), then it typically can be addressed within 24 hours.

Non-emergency calls received over the weekend will be handled during the following work week. 


What happens if there is an emergency in my apartment after regular business hours?

Morris Management defines emergencies as instances where a resident has lost power, heat, or water service in their apartment. Morris Management has maintenance staff on call to address these issues 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Residents are given the Emergency Service Line phone number when they move in.


Does Morris Management require renters insurance?

While renters insurance is not required, it is highly recommended. Resident's personal belongings are not protected under Morris Management's insurance coverage in any way.  Residents that have renters insurance are entitled to a $5.00 discount on monthly rent provided they give us proof of insurance.


Does Morris Management accept pets?

Yes we do, cats are accepted at all of our properties, dogs are accepted at some of the properties.  There are additional fees and forms to be filled out and signed.


Does Morris Management offer short term leases?

From time to time Morris Management does allow short term leases, extra fees do apply.


Are there laundry facilities on the properties?

Commercial laundry machines are provided at most of the properties.


What about storage?

Most of the Morris Management properties do provide a storage locker free of charge.


Are the properties on a busline?

All of the Morris Management properties are within walking distance of bus stops.